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Kevin Moore
Data Manager Team Lead
Student Information
Judy Bradsher
Executive Director, CTE, CCP & Early College
Joseph Warren
Executive Director for Elementary Education, School Improvement, and Federal Programs
Lily Weinberger
Media Production Lead and Curriculum Support
Jenna Regan
Senior Executive Director of Student Support & Secondary Education 
Student Support
Candice Pulliam
EC Data Manager and Program Specialist & Clerk to the Board
Student Support
Emily Humphries
Exceptional Children File Room Clerk Central Services
Student Support
Allison Clauden
Secondary Exceptional Children Program Specialist
Student Support
Beverly Hicks
Related Services Coordinator
Student Support
Kara Acree
Policy and Compliance Specialist
Student Support
Chris Clayton
Chief Operations Officer
Paul Phillips
Assistant to Chief of Operations & Water Quality
Gregory Williams
Custodial Director
Sandra Crabtree
Administrative Assistant
Lori Stacey
Chief Human Resources Officer
Human Resources
Tracy Scruggs
Director of Teacher Support and Public Information Officer
Human Resources
Chrystal Clayton
Director of Recruitment, Retention, & Fiscal Compliance
Human Resources
Kathy Hall
Benefits Specialist
Human Resources
Amy Kennedy
HR Administrative Assistant
Lesley Allen
Instructional Coach