Volunteer Application

Person County Schools welcomes volunteers in schools. All volunteers are bound by the standards of conduct applicable to all school employees.  School volunteers are required to follow certain procedures and/or rules in order to maintain a safe and orderly learning environment for students. Volunteers should understand the expectations of the school program, issues of confidentiality, professionalism and professional dress and appearance. The district may terminate the services of a volunteer if the district deems appropriate. 

Frequently Asked Questions | School Volunteer vs. School Visitor

The volunteer processes define the levels of school volunteers and add clarification of expectations for each level.

  1. Level 1:  Defined as a School Visitor.  A school visitor is not required to receive approval from Human Resources and is able to participate in activities and/or events as deemed appropriate by the principal (examples include lunch with your child, student performances, assemblies, and special class activities with the teacher present).

  2. Level 2:  Defined as School Volunteer.  These volunteer services are frequently utilized to work directly with students and may, at times, be in settings that are not directly supervised by staff. Therefore, in the interest of student safety, it is essential to employ a screening process (that includes a criminal background check) before volunteer approval is granted. A Level 2 Volunteer is intended for activities that include, but are not limited to, field trip, field day or dance chaperones, where there is employee supervision within proximity.

  3. Level 3:  Defined as School Volunteer.  Level 3 volunteer services require principal approval and submission to Human Resources to vet and submit for formal board approval.  Level 3 Volunteers also require a criminal records background check.   Level 3 approval is at the discretion of District Administrators. A Level 3 Volunteer is intended for activities that include, but are not limited to: tutors who directly supervise students, coaches, mentors, or any other activity where a volunteer is directly and independently responsible for supervising students.  Level 3 Volunteers must complete required courses assigned in Public School Works.

*Athletic Coaches must agree to abide by and support all rules and regulations of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association.

Items to note:

  1. Current employees do not need to complete the volunteer application for their child(ren) school.  Employees are already in the background system.

  2. If you were an approved volunteer in the prior year, you do not need to complete the application again.  If you apply again you may receive an email that states "you are already in the system" and see the word denied.  You are all set to volunteer based on prior application and approval.  The "denied" means that your latest application is denied since you are already in the system.

  3. The new system issues "volunteer cards" once approved.  People in the old system are not provided a card at this time. 

  4. If you are completing the background check form, only complete once.  You do not need to complete a form for each child.  There is the option to select schools at the bottom of your application.

  5. If you only see the Spanish version, look at your settings on your computer in the top right to change the language.

Volunteer Coach Form

Volunteer Application