Before and After School Care

Welcome to the Person County Schools Before and After School Care Programs and the Summer Program. We hope your whole family will enjoy the program. This handbook is written to describe our program, goals, policies and the myriad of practical details that go into making each school day as happy and successful as possible. Please study it and keep it for reference as it will answer many of your questions. All programs operate in compliance with standards set forth by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Child Development.

The Person County School System does not discriminate against any person on the basis of sex, race, religion, national origin, age, or handicap in any of its educational or employment programs or activities.

About Us

The Before/After and Summer Child Care programs provide services to kindergarten – 5th-grade students who are enrolled in the Person County Schools.  Our mission is to provide a safe, fun, and enriching environment for children and their families.  The program consists of supervised academic enrichment and recreational activities.  The staff works to meet the needs of each child and the expectations of every family by providing a place in which the child can flourish and the family can feel confident in the knowledge that each child is safe, secure, and happy.

Days are planned so that children will:

  • Be safe

  • Feel secure

  • Develop satisfying relationships with other children and adults

  • Develop self-discipline

  • Experience success in order to develop a positive self-image

  • Learn to respect the personal and property rights of others.

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