School Bus Safety

Providing a safe and orderly school does not begin at the school house doors. Students safety starts when the school bus begins its early morning route and extends until the last child is safely home. Safety is a shared responsibility that exists between school employees, the student, and the parents.

This page has been designed to share vital information to all three groups in an effort to heighten the awareness of the rules and guidelines needed for a safe student transportation system. It is the desire of the Person County Board of Education to provide the safest and most efficient transportation system in our state. Your help in this effort is greatly appreciated.

Central Services - (336) 599-2191

Dr. Rodney Person, Superintendent 


Carol Bowes | Director of Transportation |

Tina Thomas | Cost Clerk/Payroll/inventory/Billing/Activity Buses |

Rachel Blackwell |Transportation Information Management System Coordinator |

Phone: 336-599-5672

Mailing Address: 304 South Morgan St, Room 25, Roxboro, Nc 27573

Shipping Address: 300 Virgilina Road, Roxboro, NC 27573