Academically & Intellectually Gifted (AIG)

The purpose of the AIG program is to address the needs of students with high ability and/or aptitude for learning. The program provides differentiated instruction and curriculum approaches beyond that of the regular classroom. It includes acceleration options, opportunities for individual interest development, and high-level problem-solving skills.

The program provides an identification process using multiple criteria, including aptitude, achievement, and student performance. The program promotes the early identification of potentially gifted learners at grades K-3 in order to provide enrichment opportunities.

The program provides a variety of service options, including gifted-education resources, cluster grouping, subject and grade acceleration, and advanced subject grouping of gifted learners.

There are a variety of enrichment opportunities, including academic competitions, field trips, fine arts activities, problem-solving investigations, special interest clubs, summer enrichment opportunities.

AIG Staff

Joseph Warren | District AIG Coordinator & Federal Programs Director or 336-599-2191 ext 22150

Hogan Carringer | Person High School AIG Contact

Jenni Puryear | Lead AIG Teacher at Stories Creek, Woodland, Northern Middle, Southern Middle

Heather Clarke | AIG Teacher/Media Coordinator at North Elementary

Amanda Vernon | AIG Teacher/Media Coordinator at Oak Lane

Laura Pryor | AIG Teacher at Helena and South

Tina Wallace | AIG Teacher/Counselor at North End