Mission, Vision, Values, and Beliefs


The mission of Person County Schools is to prepare students for success in a changing world.


Our graduates are prepared to deal with the challenges of the 21st Century. Our graduates have the critical thinking, communicative, collaborative, and creative skills necessary for problem-solving. Because we expect and develop leadership at every level, we take on the challenges before us with passion and willingness to accept and tackle those problems. Industry recognizes the literal, social and technical skills our graduates exhibit. Local universities recruit our students because of their solid educational foundation. Person County students are service-oriented citizens willing to give back to our local and extended community.


  • We treat every individual in an ethical manner.

  • We serve all students with respect and integrity to promote lasting life skills.

  • We strive to provide all students with equitable and accessible educational opportunities.

  • We support an environment where students and staff from all cultures and backgrounds may succeed.


  • Every child deserves the best education possible.

  • All students can learn when community, parents, and schools work in partnership.

  • Each child is unique and to be valued as an individual. A warm smile, kind word, and note of appreciation motivate and enable.