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Kelly Duncan was named Person County Schools EC Teacher of Excellence

Excellence is a quality that people really appreciate because it's so hard to find. Excellence is the quality of being truly the best at something. When you see excellence, you should appreciate the work that went into it, especially when so much in the world falls short of excellence.  

Kelly Duncan has been a source of inspiration and excellence in our district for over 10 years.  During her tenure,Kelly Duncan has sought and continues to provide the best instruction and resources for her students. She is open to new ideas and feedback to strengthen her instructional techniques. As a result, Kelly holds high expectations for learning within her classroom setting. 

Kelly always remains a positive model to other teachers, while advocating for the needs of her students.

Furthermore, Kelly Duncan leads within her Exceptional Children team.  As Kelly has implemented new pedagogical strategies, she has modeled and led the team in being open minded to change. Kelly takes time to understand, process, and seek clarification.  Through this process, she develops a thorough understanding of content and then leads others in deepening their understanding.    

Excellence is doing the right thing for all students without expectation of recognition.  It is an honor to recommend Kelly Duncan as our Teacher of Excellence.

Congratulations, Kelly, on being selected as the PCS EC Teacher of Excellence!!

Kelly Duncan