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Holmes Named 2022-2023 Principal of the Year - Person County Schools

Mr. Holmes with PCS principals and directors  Mr. Holmes with Dr. Peterson

At the principal’s meeting on September 8th, Patrick Holmes, principal of Southern Middle School, was named the Principal of the Year for Person County Schools. Mr. Holmes holds a Bachelor’s degree from Hartwick College and a Master’s in School Administration from North Carolina State University.  He has worked in Person County Schools for 19 years. He began his career in Person County as a social studies teacher at Northern Middle School. Mr. Holmes also taught at Person High School before taking on an Assistant Principal role at Helena Elementary School. In 2013, he took on the role of principal of South Elementary School and was named principal of Southern Middle School this past summer.

Mr. Holmes shared, “I am humbled by this recognition and I am so appreciative of the opportunities that I have had as an employee of Person County Schools. I have been blessed to work with amazing teachers, staff, students, and families. The successes during my years at South Elementary School were the result of a community effort. This recognition is not mine alone, but it also goes to all of the Shooting Stars Community. I will always cherish my years at South Elementary and I am excited for the new adventures that lay ahead of me at Southern Middle School.”

Amy Seate, Chief Academic Officer, states, “Patrick Holmes is the definition of a committed, student-focused leader!   His number one goal has always been, and I believe will continue to always be, student growth and well-being!  Over the last nine years, Patrick has led South Elementary with a continual commitment to excellence.  This commitment to excellence has resulted in South Elementary EXCEEDING academic growth as measured by the Education Value-Added Assessment System!   As I have worked alongside Mr. Holmes, I have always witnessed him putting the needs of the children above all else.  Even as I walk down the hallway or into a classroom with Mr. Holmes, his complete focus is on the children in his care.  Every question Mr. Holmes asks always stems from student need.  He is passionate about student growth, development, and well-being more than he is passionate about anything else.  He is a strong, faithful advocate who stands up for what is best for the children in his school community.  His determination to do what is right and best for students breaks down walls and pushes through barriers that would stop most leaders.  I am honored to work alongside such a passionate and compassionate servant leader, and I look forward to witnessing the future success of his students at Southern Middle School as he strives to be the wind beneath their wings!”

Dr. Rodney Peterson, Superintendent, shared, “It is an honor for me to name Patrick Holmes as the Principal of the Year. He represents what we strive for in Person County Schools; strong student growth, staff and student involvement, and community engagement. The students, staff, and parents at South Elementary were proud to have Mr. Holmes as a leader and advocate for students and I am excited for him to continue this work in his new role as principal at Southern Middle School.”