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PCS Superintendent, Dr. Rodney Peterson Announces Administrative Changes for the 2022-2023 School Year

When staff, students, and parents return to school in August, they will be seeing familiar faces in new places.  At last night’s regularly scheduled meeting, Dr. Peterson recommended the following changes in administration that were approved by the Board of Education.

  • Principal of Person High School - Mrs. Michelle Honeycutt
  • Principal of Southern Middle School - Mr. Patrick Holmes
  • Principal of South Elementary School - Mrs. Whitney Sharlow
  • Principal of Helena Elementary School - Mrs. Sherita Fuller
  • Principal of North End Elementary School - Dr. Melody Wilson
  • Principal of Woodland Elementary School - Mr. Dwayne Johnson
  • Director at Person County Learning Academy - Mrs. Rhonda Nelson-Daye
  • Director of Recruitment, Retention, and Fiscal Compliance - Mrs. Chrystal Clayton


  • Assistant Principal at Person High School - Mr. David Kleine
  • Assistant Principal at Northern Middle School - Dr. Courtnee Cox
  • Assistant Principal at Helena Elementary School - Mr. John Koket
  • Assistant Principal at North End/Oak Lane/Woodland Elementary - Mrs. Jennifer Tong


These changes will go into effect on July 1, 2022.