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Shannon Davis of Person County Schools named 2021-2022 Exceptional Children’s Educator of Excellence

Shannon Davis Jenna Regan, Shannon Davis, and Dr. Rodney Peterson

Shannon Davis, Lead Occupational Therapist for Person County Schools, was named the Exceptional Children’s Educator of Excellence on October 26, 2021.

Excellence is a quality that people really appreciate because it's so hard to find. Excellence is the quality of being truly the best at something. When you see excellence, you should appreciate the work that went into it, especially when so much in the world falls short of excellence.  

Shannon Davis has been a source of inspiration and excellence in our district for over ten years.  During her tenure, Shannon Davis has elevated her role as an occupational therapist to become not only our Lead occupational therapist, but a valued member of our department.  Shannon is a member of the Autism Team, as well as our Assistive Technology Team. Shannon has also taken on the leadership role of supporting newly hired staff, mentoring and training fellow occupational therapists and assistants, and offering guidance to aspiring occupational therapists through fieldwork opportunities.  

Jenna Regan, Director of Secondary Education and Student Support, shared, “What truly highlights Shannon’s excellence is her work with the students of Person County.  Despite challenges we have faced in the most recent months, Shannon has continued to offer support to our students that is engaging, practical, and individualized to every child’s needs. When considering services, her thorough review of the whole child speaks to her dedication to ensure excellence for all children.  Shannon has been our constant in the face of provider shortages; always stepping in to ensure coverage is provided.”  

Excellence is doing the right thing for all students without the expectation of recognition.  It is an honor to name Shannon Davis as our Exceptional Children’s Educator of Excellence.