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PCS Innovation Expo

Are you . . .




Ready to take action about to redesign, solve, or improve a scientific, technological, environmental or engineering concern?  

Connected to the needs of your community, your state, your nation, and your global community?  

District Fair:  April 30, 2019--5:30 PM  at Southern Middle School

School Level Fairs:

April 3rd Helena 10am-->CHANGED TO APRIL 24th

April 8th--PECIL 12:30pm-->Will start closer to 1pm

April 10th Oak Lane 10am

April 10th--North End 10am

April 10th Person High 9am

April 10th North 10am--decided not to have a formal school event

April 24--NMS 9am

April 24 SMS--9am

April 25--South, Woodland 10am


Person County Schools is excited to announce that we will host our first Innovation Expo during the Spring of 2019. PCS Innovation Expo 2019 offers students the opportunity to create, to expand their critical thinking skills, and to communicate a need/problem along with redesigns/solutions/improvements.  Although it is optional for students in grades 3-12 to participate, we hope that you will support this experience for your child.  Each school will host a school level competition (between the dates of April 8-25), then the first place winners will proceed to the PCS Innovation Expo on April 30, 2019.  All students will be recognized for their contributions. This is an exciting experience for your child as we showcase and celebrate the very BEST of Person County Schools! 


The PCS Innovation Expo will be held at Southern Middle School. Students will be transported from their respective elementary schools.  PCS will provide lunch for participants.


Students will primarily work on their projects at school with the assistance of the Media Specialists and AIG Teachers January-April, 2019.  Students may work independently or with one partner. Please offer encouragement at home to ensure that the project is completed by the school deadline.  Also, have your student practice presenting the information to you.



The PCS Innovation Expo will offer students the opportunity to use their imaginations, brainstorm solutions to a REAL WORLD PROBLEM,  research information, conduct experiments, analyze results, and generalize conclusions. Students will merge knowledge from Science, Technology, Engineering/Design, Math, and English/Language Arts.  


Examine a need or problem that you observe in your school, community, state, nation, or the world.  Use the ENGINEERING DESIGN PROCESS to develop a solution/redesign for this issue. Students will pose questions about a concern or need, imagine/brainstorm possible, plan, create, test, and redesign possible solutions.  (Ideas: How could you construct a bridge to uphold more weight and withstand wear? How would you redesign a roadway for the safety of pedestrians, vehicles, and cyclists?) How could you redesign a home or building to withstand tornado damage in rural North Carolina?  Students should use their planning sheets and rubrics to guide their work.



PCS Innovation Expo 2019 Student Planning Sheet

PCS Innovation Expo Rubric 2019