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Bus Routes


Program Logo   Bus Routes  |  2018-2019 School Year


The times listed here are only approximate and will become more exact after the first few days of school.    Thank you for your patience. The routes and stop times are subject to change at any time during the school year as student addresses change.


Bus 183 – C Barrett

6:40 begin at PHS, Proceed to Virgilina Rd., Right on Todd Rd., proceed on Parham Rd., right on Gentry-Dunkley Rd., left on Dirgie Mine Rd., 6:55 left on Hazel Lawson Rd., left on Dirgie Mine Rd., left on Saint Paul Church Rd., left on Lawson Chapel Church Rd, right on Virgilina Rd., left on Street’s Store Rd., proceed on Mill Creek Rd., 7:15 left on Boston Rd., 7:18 right on Cavel-Chub Lake Rd., left on Chub Lake Rd., right on Younger Rd., left on Semora Rd., right on S Morgan St., proceed on Burlington Rd., 7:30 left on Wesleyan Rd., right on Wesleyan Heights Rd., proceed on Johnson St., right on Madison Blvd., proceed on Durham Rd., 7:30 right on Mimosa Dr., turn around on Mimosa Dr., left on Durham Rd., Right on E Morehead St., left on N Main St., 7:40 right on Burch Ave., left on Broad St., right on Broad Rd., 7:43 left on Henderson Rd., 7:50 arrive PCLA.

Bus 167 – L Long

6:05 begin at PHS, proceed to Durham Rd., right on Dick Holeman Rd., 6:36 right on Willie Gray Rd., right on Berry-Pearce Rd., right on Holeman-Ashley Rd., 6:44 left on Dick Holeman Rd., proceed on Helena-Moriah Rd., left on Ed Brooks Rd., left on Dink Ashley Rd., 6:50 right on Kermit Duncan Rd., 6:55 right on Antioch Church Rd., 7:00 right on Surl-Mt Tirzah Rd,. turn around on Surl-Mt Tirzah Rd., right on Oxford Rd., left on Pixley-Pritchard Rd., 7:08 right on Stanley Oakley Rd., left on Oxford Rd., left on Thomas Store Rd., 7:14 left on Pixley-Pritchard Rd., right on Oxford Rd., right on Old Durham Rd., right on Durham Rd., 7:45 arrive PCLA.