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Parking, Drop-Off & Student Drivers

 Student Release

Car riders and student drivers will be released each day at 2:38 PM. Bus riders will be released shortly after.

 Car Riders

Car riders are to be dropped off and picked up at the bottom of the PCC lots, but in the smaller side lot that is directly beside the buildings. Please DO NOT pass or go around buses as studens are being loaded or unloaded.  Please follow the traffic pattern demonstrated by PECIL staff members.  

Student Drivers

Student drivers will park in the upper parking lot (DO NOT park in the bottom S-100 lot). If student drivers are transporting another student home we must have a signed note from the parent of the passenger giving permission for that student to ride with another student driver.   

If you are a student driver please read the student parking regulations. Complete the verification form and submit to Mrs. Graves in the main office.

 Van Traffic