•  Rocket Seminar


    Rocket Seminar is OPEN for students to add themselves to the appropriate Google Classroom and begin completing assignments.  Please take a moment to watch the video below for more information on the purpose of Rocket Seminar and what the expectations are for course completion!




    NOTE: There are separate Google Classroom codes for students in Track A, Track B, and all virtual based on teacher names and students need to make sure they join the correct one!  Click on the file below to find the correct GOOGLE CLASSROOM CODE and PREPFACTORY CODE based on the name of your Rocket Seminar teacher (as it appears in PowerSchool):  https://bit.ly/2HmfXQl


    Grades in Rocket Seminar: Grades in Rocket Seminar will be calculated based on the percentage of XP students have in Prepfactory as compared to what they are supposed to have as assigned in their Google Classrooms weekly.  Students can find their current XP in the upper right corner of their PrepFactory page.



    Having trouble logging in? Click on the "pf" in the upper right corner of the login page.

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