• Safety Precautions

  • As students return to the building, Person County Schools and Person High School have implemented a series of safety procedures to help keep all students and staff safe.  These include:

    • Temperature checks for all (teachers and students) before entering buildings.
    • Masks are required to be worn (covering mouth and nose) at all times by all those inside the building (except when eating).
    • No gatherings of groups in the gym and cafeteria at any time.
    • Multiple bus routes will be run to limit the number of students on the bus at one time.
    • Students separated into tracks (A and B) to further limit the number of students in the building at one time.
    • Smaller class sizes placed in rooms that satisfy social distancing mandates to ensure safety.
    • Meals are eaten in classrooms (students will pick up lunch from the cafeteria in stages, but will return to their classroom to eat).
    • Minimal class changes (students are only in 2 periods per day) to limit exposure in the hallways.
    • Scheduled time to sanitize classrooms before/after eating including handwashing class breaks.
    • Signage to remind students to social distance, wash hands, and use their own bottles for water.

  • PHS Arrival Procedures

    Please familiarize yourself with the PHS school arrival procedures by watching a video found HERE.


  • PHS Signs

    Safety Signs