• Super Seniors

  • Remember your PECIL GRIT

    This is an important year for you! You are almost at the finish line and you CAN do this! You’ve got this!  You’ve come this far...do not quit on yourself or your school now!  

    Your future is ahead of you and it's looking bright!  

    Support your school:

    • You are a Maverick! Be a mentor, role model, or peer tutor for the underclassmen.
    • Be involved with clubs and organizations.
    • Participate in your Senior/SuperSenior Seminars, these are credit courses and can help boost your GPA.
    • Attend school events and support your classmates.
    • READ and RESPOND to school emails (PCS and PCC). Check both frequently!

    Going into the workforce:

    • When taking advantage of part time job opportunities, job shadowing opportunities, internship or apprenticeship opportunities, be sure to practice your good time management skills. 
    • If you are going straight to a career and not a 4 year college or university, take time to research companies that interest you.  Look at job opportunities posted online. What is the job description? Talk with your college liaison about this.
    • Attend career fairs and network with people in the field in which you wish to work.  Work with the Transition Center, College Liaison, and School Counselor to find resources.

    College Transfer Students: 

    Senior Year:

    • Create your Senior Resume.  This is very important and required.  You can get help from your school counselor if you need assistance, but the template provided should be sufficient to get you started.  You will give this resume to every person that you ask to write a letter of recommendation for a college application.
    • Use your CFNC account to review colleges, college application deadlines and scholarship opportunities. 
    • Sign up for the ACT and SAT again. You will have to register and cover the cost for either one yourself.
    • Review your transcript and go over your study plan with the counselor and liaison to make sure you are on track for graduation.
    • Keep working hard! Do not slow down now!  You are in the home stretch, grades can affect many things  such as scholarships, getting into the school of your choice, etc. If you are a Senior you have one more year! 
    • Attend a college fair and talk to the  college representatives when they visit- Go on any field trips to colleges that the school plans.  Go with parents on a private tour.  The school counselor can assist with that or you can call the college of your choice to  arrange this yourself. 
    • Get ahead start on finding money for college. Go to FASFA.ed.gov for Federal Student AID Identification (FSA ID) for both you and a parent or guardian. You'll need them to file your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) early in your super senior year. Save these IDs in a secure place and do not share them with any one else.