• Surviving Your Freshman Year

    High School can be intimidating, college even more so!  Being at an Early College which has both high school and college can be daunting. Never FEAR!  The students and staff at PECIL have created a list of survival tips to help you get a good start on your Early College journey.

    Learn the PECIL Way! Our school has a vision and mission and we operate by our core values, Respect, Responsibility, Pride, Scholarship, and Integrity!

  • Respect:

    • Do not skip Freshman Orientation and other required meetings
    • Be respectful of your instructors, classmates, fellow students! Respect yourself, your school, and the campus!
    • Take time to get to know your fellow classmates.  We have a diverse population of students.  Do not limit yourself to one social group.
    • Don’t jump to conclusions, form your own opinion.  Be open to new ideas, new friends, new experiences.


    • Familiarize yourself with the layout of the campus and how long it takes to get to different places.
    • Learn and be mindful of school policies, rules, and expectations.  
      • Read your student handbook, the district gazette, and the PCC student handbook.  Remember, you are part of two school units (PCS and PCC).
      • Respect and follow each instructor’s course policies.
    • Check your email for both PCS and PCC frequently! At least once a day!
    • Be prepared!  Get and have everything you need for your coursework!
    • Seek help when you need it.
      • The school counselor is a great place to start!
      • The college liaison is your resource for the successful completion of college coursework and achieving your goals.
      • Communicate! Communicate! Communicate!  Communicate with your parents, teachers, administration!


    • Be involved with your school community!  Join some clubs, organizations, and volunteer opportunities.  
    • Attend and support school events.
    • Support your fellow students and their endeavors.


    • Stay after school, attend  Instructor Office Hours, or go to the Tutoring Center to get assistance for your courses.
    • Connect with at least two other people in each of your classes. It helps to have someone to contact in case you miss a class or are confused with an assignment.
    • Have a study plan. Need help developing one? See your school counselor or the PCC Transition Center.
      • Avoid cramming for tests. Develop good study habits
    • Find or create a study group of like-minded, academic, people who can motivate each other.
    • Take good notes! Review them daily. Need help developing note-taking skills? See your school counselor.
    • Do all your assignments to the best of your ability.  
      • Get help when needed.
      • Follow directions for the submission of the assignments.
      • Meet your deadlines, late or incomplete assignments will affect your grade.
    • Participate in class. You will do better when you are engaged in the class.
      • Ask questions and engage in discussions.


    • Do NOT back down from the challenge of the Early College!
    • Start thinking about college and/or your future career.
      • Create CFNC account and take the interest inventory.
    • Do the right thing!  Avoid people and situations that could affect your future goals.