• Vision: 


    It is Oak Lane’s vision to prepare our students for future roles that do not yet exist due to our ever-changing world.  We strive to personalize students’ learning through daily integration of technology, as well as meta-cognitive and growth oriented activities.  We are committed to ensuring equity and excellence for all our students.




    Our mission is discovering the excellence in each of us by incorporating a growth mindset culture in which staff and students persevere, believe in one another’s  abilities, accept mistakes and feedback, and demonstrate a responsibility to the greater community.   


    Belief statements:


    Oak Lane Elementary is committed to the success of each of our students. Each day, we prepare our students to discover excellence from within by possessing and teaching a growth mindset.  We believe all students have the ability to learn to their fullest potential with personalized learning and an expectation of hard work.  As a team, we work collectively to analyze data to best meet the needs of our students.

    We implement best teaching practices and research based strategies to enhance instruction. We focus on teaching our students to work together to achieve at a high level and to take responsibility for their progress by setting and monitoring individual and group goals. We plan and teach as a team with our priority being student growth. Through our combined efforts, we work to ensure that Oak Lane students are college and career ready and proud alumni of our school.