Academically & Intellectually Gifted (AIG)

  • The purpose of the AIG program is to address the needs of students with high ability and/or aptitude for learning. The program provides differentiated instruction and curriculum approaches beyond that of the regular classroom. It includes acceleration options, opportunities for individual interest development, and high-level problem solving skills.

    The program provides an identification process using multiple criteria, including aptitude, achievement, and student performance. The program promotes the early identification of potentially gifted learners at grades K-3 in order to provide enrichment opportunities.

    The program provides a variety of service options, including gifted-education resources, cluster grouping, subject and grade acceleration, and advanced subject grouping of gifted learners.

    There are a variety of enrichment opportunities, including academic competitions, field trips, fine arts activities, problem-solving investigations, special interest clubs, summer enrichment opportunities.

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