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Rockets Care
  • Starting this fall a new program, Rockets Care, will begin providing weekend foods for food insecure students at Person High School. This program is designed to complement Back Pack Pals, the preschool to middle school program. The purpose of this letter is to seek your financial support and to find volunteers to help Rockets Care fulfill its mission.

    Rockets Care will serve approximately 40 students at Person High School with the anticipated monthly per student cost of the food being $35, totaling $350 per year. The budget for the year will be $15,000. Your financial support will be greatly appreciated!  For optimal success of the program we are requesting financial donations in order to purchase food in bulk.  This will ensure consistency in the foods distributed to the students in a given week. Contributions may be mailed to P.O. Box # 1882, Roxboro, NC 27573 with checks made out to “Christian Help Center / Rockets Care”.  For your records, our Charitable Solicitation License number is SL004101.

    Rockets Care is also seeking volunteers to help with packing the food and to be members of our “shopping team”.  Food packaging will take place at Person High School once a month. Each month 12 to 14 volunteers will be needed to assist with the packing. Rockets Care’s goal is to pack 4-5 weeks of food in about 1½ hours.  If you can help with packing, your name will be added to a Sign-Up Genius List and you will be notified of up-coming packing dates and times. Members of our “shopping team” will be asked to shop for specific items at specific stores and to deliver those items to the school.  

     If you are interested in volunteering, or if you have any questions, please contact the Rockets Care Steering Committee, via email at RocketsCare@gmail.com or via phone at 919-818-0454.        

    You may already be supporting Back Pack Pals of Person County, which provides food to pre-school, elementary, and middle school students who are food insecure.  We in NO WAY want to diminish the support of this vital program.  We encourage you to continue your support there but also ask that you consider supporting the high school students.


    Rockets Care welcomes and thanks the many members of the Person County community who are willing to help our students through any financial contributions and volunteer time.  


    Solicitation Letter