• PECIL Field Trips/Leadership Attire Expectations 

    It is expected that each student participate in ALL PECIL activities and that they wear their leadership attire when representing PECIL in outside activites such as competitions, field trips, site visits, and any other designated events. Leadership attire consists of long navy blue pants and PECIL dress shirt. In the event that students have not yet purchased their shirt they are expected to wear a white dress shirt for boys or white dress blouse for females. Students that do not wear their leadership attire will remain at school in academic support working on class assignments or projects.  Leadership attire information will be provided to students during the beginning of the school year.  9th -12th graders have a different shirt than the 13th grade students. 

    Field trips are not optional for students. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding a field trip or your student's ability to participate, please contact our office.

    To purchase leadership attire use the following link.