• South Elementary School

    1333 Hurdle Mills Road

    Roxboro, NC 27573
    Mr. Patrick Holmes, Principal


    School-Wide Title I Parent and Family Engagement Policy


    At South Elementary School, we strive to create a collaborative community between staff, families, and students. We have created this Parent and Family Engagement Policy in an effort to make families aware of opportunities to become more involved in school events, academics, and their student’s educational journey. Research shows that increased adult involvement both in the school community and at home directly correlates with student achievement. We encourage all families to be informed and participate in decisions affecting the school and their child’s education.


    Classroom Connections

    Below you will find a list of ways to stay informed about what is happening in your child’s academic journey. The responsibilities of the teachers are listed first followed by the responsibilities of the families of South students.


    Yellow Communication Folder

    • Teachers - Teachers will send home homework information, flyers and other important information in a timely manner in the yellow school communication folder.
    • Families - Families will check student yellow folders nightly to look for homework and other important information. Families will sign off on student homework nightly. 


    Class Dojo

    • Teachers - Teachers will post weekly updates on classroom events, curriculum, and reminders for your child’s class. Additionally, teachers will give behavior feedback through the positive and negative point system in the app. 
    • Families - Families will connect and check the ClassDojo app at least weekly to remain involved concerning student behavior and classroom announcements. 


    Parent Portal

    • Teachers Grades 2-5 - Teachers will update grades on a weekly basis in the grading system. 
    • Families of Students Grades 2-5 - Families will check Parent Portal to remain updated on their child’s academic standing.


    Progress Reports/Report Cards

    • Teachers - Teachers will provide parents with report cards every quarter (9 weeks) and a progress report at the halfway mark of each quarter. Teachers will reach out to parents to set a parent conference for students whose academics are below expectations.
    • Families - Families will review reports with students and discuss areas for improvement. If there are areas of concern, the parent can reach out to the teacher for a parent teacher conference.

    School Connections

    Below you will find a list of ways to stay informed about what is happening in our school. The responsibilities of the faculty and staff are listed first followed by the responsibilities of the families of South students.


    Sunday Announcements

    • School - The school will provide families with weekly reminders about upcoming events at school. The transcript will also be available on the school's Facebook page and on ClassDojo. 
    • Families - The families will keep phone numbers updated through the school office and listen to the weekly messages. 

    Parent Handbook 

    • School - The school will provide parents with a school handbook which outlines student expectations for behavior, academics, illnesses, absences, etc.
    • Families - Families will be responsible for reading the handbook closely and following the guidelines. 


    Home Connections and School Newsletter

    • School - The school will provide parents with monthly newsletters that update parents on upcoming events. Additionally, the school will provide a Home Connection flyer with at-home suggestions to support academic development. 
    • Families - Families will read the monthly newsletter from the school as well as the Home Connection Flyer.


    Parent Nights

    • School - The school will host family nights throughout the year to provide families an opportunity to learn more about academic expectations at each grade level. These family nights include but are not limited to Open House/Title 1 Information Session, Math and Science Night, and Literacy Night.
    • Families - Families will attend Open House and at least one other Parent Night throughout the course of the year. 


    School Improvement Team

    • School - The school will vote bi-yearly on staff representatives for School Improvement Team. The team will meet bi-weekly on Mondays. 
    • Families - Families will have the opportunity to attend and contribute to the strategic decision making process for the school.


    Communication with ESL Families

    • School - The school will provide dual-language families with communications in both English and Spanish. There will be a translator available for parent-teacher conferences upon request. 


    **Flow Chart for Resources

    • School - The school will provide a flow chart for families to outline who to contact for different resources (i.e., School Social Worker, School Counselor, S.I.C.E, etc.) 


    **Parent Surveys

    • School - The school will send out periodic surveys to ask for parent feedback. 
    • Families - Families are responsible for completing the surveys sent out by the school. 


    Assemblies/Presentations/Guest Speakers

    • School - The school will notify parents of any awards assemblies or guest speakers in a timely manner.
    • Families - Families will attend assemblies if their schedule allows.



    • School - The school will provide computers for parent use to apply for volunteer status through the district’s website. The application for volunteer status is open the first month of each school year and every Monday thereafter. Volunteer status must be obtained in order for parents to attend classroom celebrations, field trips, and participate in field day.
    • Families - Families will apply for volunteer status in order to attend classroom celebrations, field trips, and participate in field day.


    Community Connections

    Below you will find a list of ways to stay informed about community events hosted at or through the school, as well as through other organizations which partner with our school. 


    Community For Children (CFC)

    • CFC - Will work to raise funds to support students and staff at South. Parents will be provided the opportunity to join the organization and attend the quarterly meetings.
    • Families - Families will participate in fundraisers and in CFC as their schedule allows.


    My Life Matters 

    • My Life Matters - The My Life Matters Club will host weekly after school programs for students grades 3-5.
    • Families - Families will participate in My Life Matters events  as their schedule allows.


    Fall Festival/Spring Fling

    • School and School Community - The school and school community will host a Fall Festival in late October and Spring Fling in late April.
    • Families - Families will attend the Fall Festival/Spring Fling as their schedule allows.


    Inter-Faith Outreach

    • Inter-Faith Outreach - The Inter-Faith Outreach will sponsor quarterly events in the community.
    • Families - Families will attend the Inter-Faith Outreach events as their schedule allows.