Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is eligible to attend Person Early College for Innovation and Leadership?

    Any current 8th grade student who lives in Person County is eligible to apply for the upcoming school year to enter Person Early College as a freshman.


    How much does it cost to attend Person Early College?

    Person Early College is a free, public school that is part of the Person County Schools system. Students will have free school bus transportation and pay no fees beyond what would typically be required for high school.


    How many students will be selected to attend?

    Fifty (50) new students will be selected to attend each year. Eventually the school will have 250 students enrolled.


    How are students selected?

    The school seeks students who are first-generation college goers, who may not be challenged enough in the tradition school model, and/or who would benefit from accelerated instruction.  However, students who do not meet these criteria may still be invited to attend.  The application review committee will apply a rubric to determine which students are accepted.  The rubric will contain the following criteria, which are assigned points from 1 to 4:  level of mother’s education;  level of father’s education; family income; EOG reading score; EOG mathematics score; EOG science score; principal recommendation (1-16 scale); counselor recommendation (1-16 scale); number of unexcused absences; student essay; and discipline history.


    Where will the school be located?

    The school will be located on Piedmont Community College campus in the "T" building, but it will be a separate school that is part of the Person County Schools district.


    Will students be able to play sports or participate in band?

    Students will have many opportunities for exciting extracurricular activities and experiences related to students’ interests. However, the school will not have a music or band program. It also will not offer opportunities to play highly competitive sports, such as football or basketball. This is because the academic schedule, which includes college courses, does not allow time for practice or games.


    Why would a parent want their son or daughter to attend Person Early College?

    The main advantage to parents is that Person Early College helps students complete an associate degree while they earn their high school diploma.  Basically, students are provided two years of college tuition, fees, and books for free.  In addition, students will have a lot of support to make sure that they have every chance of being successful in the early college environment.


    Why would a student choose to attend Person Early College?

    Person Early College provides a small-school environment that is shared with other students who are focused on academics and future goals.  Students will have extra support to help them develop to their fullest potential.  They will travel, learn how to be leaders, and serve their community in ways that expand their personal and professional horizons.  Students will have challenging classes and extra responsibilities, but they will also enjoy more flexibility and freedom as long as they are being successful.    Students will have early experiences with careers and industry that will lead to exciting job opportunities, more education, and the potential for higher salaries and greater success in the future.