Volunteer Application

  • Requirements and Procedure

    The Person County Board of Education welcomes volunteers in schools.  All school volunteers must complete a volunteer application and have an approved criminal background check.  All volunteers are bound by the standards of conduct applicable to all school employees.  The principal may terminate the services of a volunteer if the principal deems appropriate.

    Items to note:

    1. Current employees do not need to complete the volunteer application for their child(ren) school.  Employees are already in the background system.
    2. If you were an approved volunteer in the prior year, you do not need to complete the application again.  
    3. The new system issues "volunteer cards" once approved.  People in the old system are not provided a card at this time. 
    4. If you are completing the background check form, only complete once.  You do not need to complete a form for each child.  There is the option to select schools at the bottom of your application.
    5. If you only see the Spanish version, look at your settings on your computer in the top right to change the language.

    Volunteer Coach Form