• Title I Parents’ Meeting

    January 3, 2019

    6:00-7:00 pm


    Maintain an open and collaborative atmosphere based on trust and respectful behaviors.
    Begin & end on time; remain true to the agenda through the use of Issue Bin/Parking Lot or similar tools for follow up.
    As a team member, I will endorse consensus after time enough to hear and process views of all members
    I will indicate this through the agreed upon visual or verbal cue set by the group.
    I agree to live with and support the decision of the group.
    I will hold myself accountable …by adhering to our group norms and expecting others to do the same.
    As a team, we will hold ourselves accountable by helping others adhere to our group norms by either using the word “Norm” or by asking the group to remember/respect our norms when the team’s behavior deviates from our agreed path and by supporting our group decisions.












    Attending Today: Patrick Holmes, Brett Carver, Virginia Wallace, Laura Atkins, Jona Fitzgerald, Dusty Martin, Amy Downey, Sherita Fuller, and Patti Barnes

    Purpose of Meeting




    Overview of Title I & Parent Involvement: Focus on equitable services for students, parents, and families; improved student achievement for students on all socio-economic levels. PCS currently identifies 4 schools under the Title I umbrella. Title I funds also support the Head Start Program at Earl Bradsher Pre-School.

    Principals’ Share Out




    Principals give a brief analysis of Title I programming, Parent Involvement, staffing, etc. at their respective schools:

    • North Elementary-Patti Barnes--Professional Development and Parent Training Room, Jan Richardson’s Guided Reading Series, Instructional Coach-Reading Specialist Position, instructional supplies for teachers, professional development
    • North End Elementary-Sherita Fuller--Reading Coach position, Bright Links, Professional Development, 3 Parent Involvement Nights/year, Part-Time Teacher Position to have smaller class size, Classroom materials and supplies, Building Classroom Libraries
    • South Elementary-Patrick Holmes--Science Tutor Position, Part-Time Literacy Specialist, Updated Technology Equipment, 6+1 Writing Traits, Global Learning Materials to reinforce the school’s focus, Parent Involvement
    • Stories Creek Elementary-Dusty Martin--Instructional Coach Position, Additional Teacher to Minimize Class Size, Differentiated Professional Development for Teachers, Reading Eggs, Scholastic, IXL, Support for Fine Arts, Parent Engagement Nights Principals included that they not only rely on data, but they also solicit feedback from teachers and parents to garner the needs of the school in planning how to best utilize Title I funds. Parent representative suggested that the schools also survey students and parents especially about resources and programs

    Parent Feedback




    • Spend 10 minutes discussing programming, staffing, resources, parent involvement needs they feel are important to address at their respective schools. Write down what is important to focus funding on to benefit their child’s school.
    • Share out and discuss needs
    • Overall parents shared they were pleased with the services provided at the schools.
    • Parents suggested that others pay attend Family Nights if they might win a prize or leave with something tangible.
    • One parent suggested that the schools might go to neighborhoods/community centers to host conference nights with parents. Schools could partner with community organizations to provide a meal for parents and students who attend.
    • Mr. Holmes shared the success of South’s Fall Festival. The school hosted an informational learning session for parents first, then opened up the festival.
    • Parents discussed needs and concerns with various resources and a need to support Fine Arts.

    Parent Involvement Policy




    Meeting Adjourned




    ● The meeting adjourned at 7:00PM.