• PCS Before and After School Care



Contagious Diseases

    • If a child or staff member is identified as having a communicable disease, parents/guardians will be contacted either verbally or in writing of the information. There are specific recommendations for diseases such as chicken pox, impetigo, scabies, strep infection, etc.
    • Contact the school nurse or the Board of Education’s Director if there are questions on how to handle the student.
    • Children with some diseases, like ringworm, are not allowed to come back to school until treatment for the problem is started.
    • The system has a no-nit policy regarding head lice.
    • Frequent hand washing with soap and running water is necessary to prevent the spread of disease. Children and adults need to wash their hands before preparing or eating snacks, before and after water play, after being outside, toileting, coughing and wiping noses. Set a good example and teach children how to clean their hands.
    • Best practices for children with a fever over 100.5 is to remain at home.