• PCS Before and After School Care




    • Person County Schools medication policy must be followed. A copy of the current policy shall stay on file at the site. Teachers will be updated on the policy each year and be informed of changes if they occur.
    • All prescription and non-prescription medications which daycare personnel are requested to administer during the school day shall be kept locked in a central location and shall be dispensed by the lead teacher or designee.
    • Written parental permission must be obtained and kept on file at the Center prior to the administration of prescription and non-prescription medications. No medication shall be dispensed without appropriate written permission from the parent.
    • Each prescription medication shall be kept in a container provided and labeled by the pharmacist. Each non-prescription medication shall be labeled with the child’s name, name of medication and instructions for administration.
    • The center will assume no responsibility of the students who self-medicate. This is the responsibility of the student’s parents or guardians.
    • A log will be kept so that there is a record of all medications dispensed and shall include the following information: date, time, name of child, medication dispensed, and signature of person dispensing medication.
    • For children who take medication on a regular basis over an extended period of time, the Center may choose to keep a separate log sheet for each medication dispensed. The name of the child, the medication and the instructions for administrating medication shall be at the top of the log sheet and the date, time, and signature shall be recorded at each administration.
    • Parent/Guardians are to provide written notification that the medication is to be discontinued. The unused portion will be returned to the parent. If the parent fails to pick-up medication, the medication will be destroyed.