• PCS Before and After School Care



Social Services Payments

    • Social Services (DSS) provides a number of parents with assistance in childcare payments.
    • Paperwork verifying the amount of payment from DSS and the client comes to the Director at the Board of Education. The site coordinator is given a copy of the paperwork.
    • All parents are required to pay private daycare until written or phone verification from DSS is obtained. Parents who are charged a monthly fee are to pay part of the fee on a weekly basis.
    • At the end of the month, if DSS has not paid the fee for a child, the Board of Education shall be notified. The children may not attend until parents pay the fee.
    • If a parent who receives DSS payment for child care services is delinquent in the payment of the monthly fee, future payments must be made in advance or the child may not attend.
    • If a DSS child is absent for five consecutive days, the site director shall call the childcare coordinator at DSS to report the absence. Report the same to the Board of Education’s Director.