• PCS Before and After School Care




    • Registration for all programs is scheduled through the Person County Board of Education or Daycare Director.
    • Summer Care Registration begins in mid-April. Children may register at any time providing there is space available. Students MUST be at least 4 years old and enrolled in the Person County Schools to attend.
    • Applications are accepted until maximum enrollment is reached.
    • Before/After School Care registration begins near the end of the school year.
    • Children may register at any time during the year provided there is space available. Vacancies are filled on a first-come-first-served basis.
    • All Applications must be complete.
    • All parents enrolling their child (ren) in any programs will receive a copy of this handbook.
    • Applications may be obtained from the childcare site, the Person County Board of Education building. Or Online.
    • Site Directors are not to accept registrations unless approved by the Person County Board of Education Daycare Director.
    • Applications are not accepted without the $25.00 registration fee or verification from the County Social Service Department that it will be paying the registration fee.
    • Registration fees are non-refundable.
    • Children who are enrolled full time and who do not report within two weeks from the date of registration will be dropped from the program and must reapply if daycare is needed at a later date. This rule does not apply to a student who is registered for occasional care. (The registration fee is not refundable.)
    • The site director will notify the parent when a child is being dropped from a program.

    If the parent wishes to “hold” a spot, he/she must pay for each week, whether or not the child is in attendance.