• PCS Before and After School Care



Accidents or Injuries

    • In case of accidental injury or an emergency health problem, staff will make an immediate attempt to contact the parent. If the parent cannot be reached, other emergency contacts will be called. (Listed on the Child’s Application for Daycare).
    • Until the arrival of the parent/guardian or emergency contact, the Site Director or Lead Teacher will be in charge and make all decisions in regard to the care of the child. 
    • If a student is severely injured or a major health problem occurs, the director is contacted. (Emergency measures or initial treatment occurs first)
    • 911 should be called if it is deemed necessary.
    • If the child goes to the hospital, the child’s application (or a copy) is sent. (There is permission for emergency treatment filed on the application as well as the name of the child’s doctor, etc. The parent or guardian signs this form at the time of enrollment.)
    • A teacher will accompany the child to the hospital.
    • All employees have Blood Borne Pathogens training and First Aid/CPR and are expected to follow procedure.
    • Accident reports are to be filled out on any student injury and turned in to the Central Office.