• PCS Before and After School Care



Fees and Procedures for Payment

  • Before and After School Care and Summer Care Programs are self-supporting through fees collected from the parents of each child enrolled in the program.

    An application for any program requires a $25.00 non-refundable registration fee. Students enrolled in both the Before and After School Care program pay only one registration fee. Enrollment in the Summer Care program will require an additional $25.00 non-refundable registration fee. Re-entry into the program requires an additional $25.00 registration fee.

    Payment should be submitted to the school for all applications.

    • Site Director collects payments weekly.
    • Fees are not pro-rated due to student absence or illness or for other reasons beyond the control of the center.
    • Parents/Guardians are charged for 180 days of school or 36 weeks of school. When payment is made for this time period, all daycare fees are paid-up for the school year.
    • When parents owe monies from the previous year, the children are not enrolled the subsequent year unless back fees are paid.
    • Check Ready will notify you of any return checks that are written.
    • Parents/Guardians are obligated to pay for the days their children are absent from the program unless they have been officially withdrawn from the program.
    • Re-entry is based on space availability, payment record, and the payment of an additional $25.00 registration fee. (The Director or designee must approve all re-entries.)
    • To withdraw a child from the program the parent must provide written notification of the withdrawal of their child prior to the child’s last day in daycare. Verbal notification is not valid. All payments accounts must be clear at time of withdrawal. However, if a child is absent for two consecutive weeks they will automatically be dropped from the program. Re-entry into the program is based on space availability, payment record, and the payment of an additional $25.00 registration fee. (The Director or designee must approve all re-entries.)
    • Payments are due on Monday of each week or the first school day of the week. If payment is not made on the first school day of the week the child may not attend until payment is made. Whenever school is closed due to bad weather, PAYMENTS are still due for that week.
    • All accounts MUST be paid-in-full two weeks prior to the closing of school. Failure to make said payments means AUTOMATIC TERMINATION from the program.
    • All payments should be made to: Person County Schools. Checks and money orders are the preferred method of payment.
    • Please be sure that the child’s name, school, and phone number are on the check or money order when making payments.
    • If a child is absent for two consecutive weeks, he will automatically be withdrawn from the program unless the parent has previously notified the site director of the reason for the child’s absence. The parent is responsible for the payment for the time period the child is absent.
    • If the child is dropped, re-entry will be the same as above.
    • Failure to make proper payment will result in termination from the program.
    • Late pick-up charges must be paid with regular payments.
    • Parents should keep all receipts as proof of payments. End of year payment summaries are not provided.
    • Person County Schools Federal ID Number: 56-6001095.



    (Subject to change)

    $25.00 registration FEE PER FAMILY


    Weekly Rates


    Before School

    After School

    First Child



    Second Child



    Third child fee is the same as second child rate


    Summer Care Fees



    Price per Week


    Price Per Week

    First Child



    Second Child (10% discount)



    NOTE: Part-time consists of attending 3 days or less. If a student attends summer school, they are also considered part-time.

    The third child rate is the same as the second child rate.

    $25.00 Registration fee per family