• PCS Before and After School Care



Procedure for Safe Arrival and Departure

    • For After School care, children leave their classroom at the end of the school day and go directly to the Center located at the school.
    • Parents/guardians or their designee pick-up their child (ren) directly from the Center at or before the end of the program day. Students must be signed in and out daily. A late fee of $5.00 is charged for every ten minute period or fraction thereof for each child picked up after closing time. Repeated occurrences (2) of late pick-up will result in a child’s dismissal from the program.
    • If a child is absent from regular school day due to illness, he/she cannot attend the after-school program that day. Neither the After School nor the Summer Care programs have the facilities to take care of sick children.
    • Parents should notify the staff at the Center if there is any change in address, work or home telephone numbers, or emergency contacts (persons who can be notified if parents are unavailable).
    • Children who are not enrolled in the Before and After School or Summer enrichment programs cannot attend with an enrolled child as a visitor.
    • If a child is to be picked up by someone other than the parents or is going to leave with another child, the on-site supervisor must have written permission from the parent. Staff must see valid picture identification of the person picking up the child such as: driver’s license or other picture I.D.
    • Parents of children attending day care are asked to call the staff if their child will be late or absent.