Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why were South Elementary and Woodland Elementary chosen to participate in Dual Immersion?

    We wanted to choose a school in both the Northern and Southern feeder patterns. We also looked at school capacity to house the programs and both schools have sufficient space for the program. 

     Will transportation be provided?

    The transportation policy for this program is in the development phase. We will continue to update as decisions are made. 

     When will English be taught in a Full Immersion setting?

    In the full immersion setting, formal English instruction begins in second grade. Students will receive instruction in English for only 10% of their day. 

     When will English be taught in a 50/50 Immersion setting?

    In the 50/50 immersion setting, formal English instruction begins in kindergarten for 50% of the week. 

     How can non-Spanish speaking parents assist their children and help them be successful?

    Most importantly continue to read books to your child in their native language. Encourage your child to do their best on their homework without direct assistance. Let your child's teacher know by writing a note on your child's homework if your child is unable to complete an assignment due to difficulty. 

     Will this be something that is offered during school hours or will it be after school?

    This program will be during school hours as regular education services. The North Carolina Standard Course of Study will be taught in the Spanish language. 

     Will the dual language program regulate on the Person County School schedule?


     What is the plan for after 5th grade?

    These plans are in the developing phase. We are committed to continuing dual language.

     Will K and 1st grade be combined or 2 separate classes?

    They will be 2 separate classes. Both grade levels can only be offered if enough applications are received. 

     Do I need to complete a transfer application to attend if I am outside of the attendance zone?

    Your application acts as a transfer application for the program. You will need to complete a transfer application for any siblings not participating in the dual language program if you wish for them to attend the same school. Transfer application approval for non-participating siblings is dependent on space availability.

     Will out of the county children be accepted into the program?

    Out-of-county children are welcome to apply, however, parents must follow release processes in your county of residence. Contact your county of residence's central office for information and forms for release. You will need to complete a transfer request to PCS, in addition to the application, and will need to pay tuition.

     Will full immersion teacher speak English to my child if he/she is in need of help?

    Dual language teachers are experienced teachers who ensure the success of their students. The teachers will do what is needed to support your child's learning.