What to Bring to Kindergarten Registration

    1. Proof of Residence: Documentation of residency (name and address) in Person County is required to register a student. Acceptable documentation includes current: lease; utility bill; final real estate sales contract; deed; or contract to purchase, driver’s license, etc. (Three forms of documentation are )
    2. Proof of Child’s Birth Date: Acceptable documentation includes certified birth certificate. A copy will be made at the school and put in the child’s
    3. Immunization Record (from a family doctor or Health Department): A copy of the child’s immunizations (shot record) must be presented to the
    4. NC Health Assessment Report (to be filled out by a physician within 30 days): The report must be completed by a physician licensed to practice medicine, a physician’s assistant as defined by General Statute 90-18, a certified nurse practitioner, or a public health nurse meeting state standards for Health Check Services .The child’s physical must be within one year of the first day of school. For the 2019-20 school year, a physical taken on August 27, 2018 and thereafter satisfies the guidelines. A new physical is required for children who had a physical prior to August 27, 2018.
    5. North Carolina Home Language Survey Form: Complete all information requested on the survey form. Sign and date the form.
    6. PCS Student Online Registration: Complete all information requested in the online registration.
    7. Guardianship or Custody Papers: Supply if applicable.


    Parent Checklist of Required Documents and Forms

          Proof of Residence (3 forms)

          Child’s Certified Birth Certificate

          Child’s Immunization Record (shot record)

          NC Health Assessment Report (filled out by a licensed health care provider)

          NC Public Schools Home Language Survey

          PCS Student Registration Form

          PCS Kindergarten Parent Questionnaire

          Guardianship or Custody Papers (if applicable)


    Return all completed forms to the school. Your child’s registration packet will be processed and you will be notified as to whether the packet is complete or incomplete.