About Us

    Established July 30, 1973

    Divested to Person County Schools on July 1, 2005

    Early Intervention and Family services operates a year round preschool program. We provide inclusive preschool services (for typically developing children and those with identified disabilities) for children ages 3-5 years old. For children experiencing developmental delays, services are determined by their individual needs. These services may include speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, developmental therapy, hearing impaired and visually impaired services.


    •        Serve Nutritional Breakfast, Lunch & Afternoon Care Snack (Provided by South Elementary School)
    •        Daily Routines/ Daily Class Schedule
    •        Use Children’s Interest to Develop Lesson Plans & Activities AND Provide Child Lead Activities
    •        Go On Field Trips
    •        Celebrate Special Occasions
    •        Our Therapists Provide Therapeutic Group Activities for the Whole Class & Offer Activities for all Individuals Needing to Strengthen Their Skills

    Mission Statement

    We at Early Intervention and Family Services/Person County Schools are committed to providing quality preschool services to support families in ways that meet the needs of the child and the family.   

    Our focus is to provide a developmentally appropriate preschool program to those children who may be deemed at risk for or who have special needs and those children who are typically developing.

    This is accomplished through developing a partnership between families, staff and community agencies that includes respect, trust and compassion.  We work together to create opportunities for learning in a safe, nurturing environment.

    We believe…

    • all children can learn.
    • parents are the first teachers of their children and are the most important people in their child’s life.  
    • all children are first and foremost children, regardless of their different needs.
    • children should have opportunities that promote their full involvement in the community.
    • when supporting families, we are responsive to their unique strengths, needs, beliefs, values and cultural diversity.
    • that sharing service options and coordinating these services with other agencies will provide support for the child and the family.
    • in providing a healthy, safe and developmentally appropriate learning environment for young children