• High School Curriculum

  • Person High School


  • educate, engage, empower enroll, enlist, employ

    Person High School is proud to announce a new initiative called Launch e6.  Launch e6 is designed to help every student find a personalized path to success during high school and beyond.  

    Goal: To increase graduation rate to 90% or greater by 2020.  

    Plan of Action: 

    • Program of Study - 4-year individualized plan for all PHS students
    • Rocket Seminar - 40-minutes per day of “just-in-time” guidance and instruction
    • PHS Academy - academic support for at-risk students


  • Person Early College

Instructional Program

  • Extra Support to Succeed at Honors & College Level Schoolwork

    “Character/Leadership” and “Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship”

    Curricula Focus on Service Leadership from Local to International Levels



Blended Learning

  • Our goals for blended learning are:
    • Build blended learning environments
    • Share content and assessments
    • Enhance student interactivity and engagement
    • Continually update courses and align with standards

    Person County Schools uses the learning management system called PowerSchool Learning (formerly Haiku).



  • Math Options Chart - effective for the 2017-18 school year.  

    This document is to help LEAs and Charter Schools to determine the multiple options for students to meet the secondary math requirements for graduation that are aligned to their post-secondary plans.


    The North Carolina Collaborative for Mathematics Learning (NC2ML) is a research-practice partnership that includes the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, universities, and school districts across the state of North Carolina where teachers, district and state leaders, mathematicians, and researchers work together to support mathematics education in North Carolina.

    NCDPI Mathematics Google Site Grades K-12

    Instructional resources for the 6-12 North Carolina Mathematics Standard Course of Study.  


Social Studies

  • NCDPI Social Studies Google Site Grades K-12

    Instructional resources for the 6-12 North Carolina Social Studies Standard Course of Study.  

    Local Government Day

    Local Government Day provides an opportunity for students enrolled in American History: The Founding Principles, Civics and Economics to attend a local government meeting and visit several local government agencies to learn about the services they provide.  This event allows older students, those who will soon be independent citizens and voters, to see first-hand how our local government agencies support the community.  Our hope is that the students will recognize the importance of local government and embrace future opportunities to become involved and informed community members and leaders.