Voluntary Shared Leave

  • Voluntary shared leave benefits were established to provide economic relief for employees who, by reason of prolonged absence or frequent short term absences, caused by serious medical conditions, are likely to suffer financial hardship.

    An employee who, due to a serious medical condition of self or immediate family, may apply for donated leave by completing the Voluntary Shared Leave application. Employee should contact our Benefit Representative about Voluntary Shared Leave. 

    Note: The term immediate family as used herein means the employee’s: spouse, children, parents, brother, sisters, grandparents, grandchildren & dependents living in the employee’s household. Also included are the step, half, and in-law relationships.

    A doctor’s note must be attached to the application request if not already on file in the employee's Family Medical Leave File. 

    Upon receipt of the application and physician’s statement, all requests for donated leave will be handled by the Benefits Representative. The employee to receive the donation of leave shall be specified. All documents can be submitted to:

    Person County Schools
    Attn: Benefits Representative
    304 S. Morgan Street, Room 25
    Roxboro, NC  27573

    Eligibility to Receive Donated Leave:
    • Only permanent employees who have exhausted all accumulated paid leave (sick leave and annual leave) are eligible to receive donated leave. An employee need not exhaust personal leave and the 20 days of extended sick leave to be eligible for voluntary shared leave.
    • Once all earned leave has been exhausted, the amount of donated leave the employee may use will be limited to the period of recovery or treatment based on the physician’s statement.
    • An employee receiving benefits from the Disability Income Plan is not eligible; however, shared leave can be used during the required waiting period.
    • Employees receiving pay from Worker’s Compensation may use donated leave during the required waiting period and add to the compensation as provided in Section 9 of Employee Benefits Manual.

    Eligibility to Donate Leave:
    • Donations must be made in one-day increments or its equivalent number of hours by pay period.
    • An employee donating leave may not donate annual leave in an amount in excess of the amount that could be earned in one year. Additionally, the amount donated must not reduce the donor’s annual leave balance below one-half of what the person can earn in the year.
    • Any eligible employee may donate annual or sick leave to any employee in the same school system or to an immediate family member in the same or another LEA. For donation of annual leave to an immediate family member, immediate family is defined as spouse, parents, children, brother, sister, grandparents & grandchildren, also included are the step, half and in-law relations.
    • The donating employee may not receive compensation in any form for the donation of leave. Acceptance of payment for donated leave will result in dismissal.

    **Every 20 days or portion of 20 days of sick leave equals one (1) months of service credit towards retirement. This benefit can shorten the length of time you must work to complete 30 years and may increase your monthly retirement benefit.

    **At the expiration of the medical condition or at the time the employee becomes eligible for short-term disability, any donated leave in excess will be returned to the donor(s).

    **Donor names will not be provided to the employee requesting leave donations.