Leave of Absence Requests

  • Employees find it necessary at times to request a leave of absence from his/her current work assignment. The leave may be needed due to family leave, family responsibility, medical issues, educational reasons, military duty, joining a state assistance team, or for many other reasons. To assist employees, the Person County Board Education has adopted a Leave Policy. 

    The Board policy allows for employees to request a leave of absence and requests are granted in accordance with State and local policies. If the request is granted, the employee will be notified in writing.

    Employees should contact our Benefits Representative to request a leave. A Leave of Absence Request form will be sent to the employee to complete and return with any supporting documentation to assist the Board in their decision (letter explaining the reason for the request, doctor's note, military papers, etc.).

    Facts to Consider When Requesting a Leave of Absence
    • Employee is not guaranteed placement in the same position or school upon return to work
    • The Board may make decisions concerning employment as if employee was still on active duty (RIF, transfer, dismissal, etc.)
    • The employee is responsible for all miscellaneous payroll deductions, including hospital/medical and dental insurances, loan payments, etc.
    • The Board of Education will not be responsible for any salary, benefits, or expenses not reimbursed by the employee or other agency
    • Employee will be paid any lum sum of earned pay if on 12-month installment pay and return to 10-month pay upon return to work
    • Employee may request Voluntary Shared Leave if facing prolonged or frequent absences from work that will likely result in financial hardship
    • The Family and Medical Leave Act provides eligible employees with up to 12 workweeks of leave annually for serious personal illness, birth of a child, or placement of an adopted or foster child, or to take care of an ill child, spouse or parent