• Person County Schools maintains a pool of substitutes to ensure continued services to our students in an employee's absence. We have substitutes for teachers, teacher assistants, school nutrition, bus drivers, and bus monitors. 

    Our district uses an automated service called Absence Management System (formerly AESOP) for finding and managing substitutes for teachers and teacher assistants, which greatly simplifies and streamlines the process.  

    The Person County School System seeks to employ well-qualified persons to staff classrooms in the absence of regular teachers. Prospective substitutes must possess a minimum of thirty (30) hours post high school (college hours). Priority consideration will be given to prospective substitute teachers who, in addition to meeting all employment criteria defined by the PCS, possess educational training beyond the high school level. Priority consideration will be based on the following:

    • One who holds a valid teaching credential
    • Successful experience(s) in working as a substitute teacher
    • College graduate
    • Minimum of 30 hours of post high school coursework

    In order to be placed and/or remain on the substitute teacher list, the applicant must also attend an orientation annually which is conducted by Person County Schools’ staff. Applicants will also receive training on the Absence Management System.


    To be considered for a substitute teaching position, applicants need to do the following: 

    1) Complete an online application with the Person County School System through Applitrack by visiting the Applitrack Online Application.

    2) Attend Person County Schools' district sponsored Substitute Teacher Orientation, when offered.  There will be two-sessions offered prior to the beginning of each school year.

    3) If you are not able to attend orientation, you MUST complete the virtual training at a cost of $39.00 (App Garden Virtual Substitute Training).

    4) Once you have completed the application and attended an orientation session or completed the online sustitute training, contact Tracy Scruggs, Teacher Support Coordinator (scruggst@person.k12.nc.us)  to obtain further information regarding paperwork to be completed before being employed as a substitute.


    Required Forms:

    • N.C. Tax Withholding Form 
    • Federal Tax Withholding Form 
    • I-9 - Employment Eligibility Verification Form       
    • Background Check Form
    • Health Certificate   
    • Direct Deposit Form
    • ESSR - Certification of Eligibility of Retiree to be Re-Employed

    Copies to be submitted:

    • Copy of Driver's License or photo ID issued through the NC Division of Motor Vehicles
    • Copy of Social Security Card
    • Voided check or routing information from banking institution
    • Copy of College Transcript (to verify 30 college credit hours)
    • Copy of teaching license (to verify teaching degree)

    Substitute Pay Rates:

    • Licensed Teacher Sub - $103/day
    • Non-Licensed Teacher Sub - $80/day
    • Child Nutrition Sub - $8.00/hour (starting rate)
    • Bus Driver / Bus Monitor Sub - $12.00/hour (starting rate)

    *If you are interested in being a substitute in Child Nutrition, contact Nikole Schukraft (schukraftn@person.k12.nc.us) and if you are interested in being a substitute bus driver/bus monitor, contact Carol Bowes (bowescab@person.k12.nc.us).*