Check My Renewal Credits

  • Employees can check their renewal credit history through the Human Resource Management System's (HRMS). The history must be viewed using Internet Explorer and must be viewed on a computer at a school site. This link will return a warning that "The site's security certificate is not trusted!" Do not be alarmed. Go ahead and "Proceed anyway." Data sent through this site is encrypted, so it is safe to use. Copy the following link and paste into your Internet Explorer web browser:

    The credits are granted based on certificate of credits sent to us for staff development activities 'outside' the county, for 'in-house' activities where employees sign a 'roster' verifying attendance, and by submitting grade reports for college courses. Remember, 1.0 renewal credit is equal to 10 contact hours; thus only 0.1 unit is given for a 1-hour activity. College courses are credited as 1.5 CEUs for each semester hour.


    If you have renewed since we acquired Professional Growth with Frontline (formerly My Learning Plan), your portfolio in Professional Growth will reflect the CEU's you have toward your next renewal.

Renewal Requirements

  • **The definition of teacher includes instructional support personnel

    Credits required to Renew Continuing licenses expiring on or after June 30, 2019

    Grades K-5

    Grades 6-12

    Teachers earning National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certification or completing the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certification process receive 8 renewal credits. Educators who complete the ten year national board renewal cycle may earn two credits.

    Student Services Personnel


    • 3 Executive's Role - Align with the expectations of the North Carolina School Executive Standards 2, 4, and 5, focused on the school executive's role as instructional, human resources, and managerial leader
    • 2 Digital Learning Competencies
    • 3 General

    *Subject to change based on NC State Board of Education policy updates

    Renewal Criteria:

    • A unit of renewal credit is equivalent to one quarter hour or one in-service credit from a North Carolina public school system. A unit reflects ten contact hours.
    • One semester hour is equivalent to 1.5 units of credit.
    • For a professional educator's license to remain current, all credit must be earned by the expiration date of the existing professional educator's license.
    • To renew an expired Professional Educator's Continuing License, 8 units of renewal credit must be earned.

    Activities accepted for renewal credit:

    • College or university courses
      • Official transcripts are required as documentation; grade reports are not accepted.
    • Local in-service courses or workshops
      • The administrative unit certifies credits.
    • Classes and workshops approved by a LEA
      • Documentation of completion is provided by the agency sponsoring the activity.


    Click here for NC DPI's site on renewal.