PCS Q&A Regarding 2020-2021 Plan B & Virtual Academy

Question/Concern: Answer/Response:
Will consideration be given to siblings so that they may be on the same track together, even if they attend different schools? Yes, every effort will be made so that siblings attend on the same rotation.
Will more information be given about Virtual Academy vs. Plan B before we have to make a decision? Since we do not have final numbers, we do not know how many students are choosing Virtual Academy vs. Plan B. Numbers will greatly impact our plans. At the moment we can say that the Virtual Academy students will receive online instruction from their homeroom teacher 5 days a week and Plan B students will receive face-to-face instruction 2 days a week and online instruction 3 days a week.
If we choose Virtual Academy, will we still be allowed to pick-up laptops for our children to use throughout the school year? We will make technology available for students who need laptops throughout the school year.
Will students still receive IEP services and accommodations? Students with disabilities may require modifications to the general health guidelines in order to provide required services and maintain healthy practices. We are committed to working with students with disabilities and their families to address individual concerns and needs.
Will the Spanish Immersion Program run as described in the video? Or since it is supposed to be a fully immersed program (90%/10%), will there be an option for these students to attend face-to-face school on a more regular basis? If we are operating under Plan B, Spanish Immersion classes will follow the same model as all other elementary classes, 2 days face-to-face and 3 days online.
I am a parent of a child in the Dual Language Program. I work full-time, don't speak Spanish, and have a child who does not read yet. I feel as though we did a lot of busy work last spring. Will we be provided with more resources than we were given last year to assist our children with Spanish? We are committed to provide the instruction that is needed to ensure the success of your child in the Dual Immersion Program.
What about those students who do not do well at all with remote learning? Will they be given an option to attend school everyday? All students will be following the Plan B guidance if the Governor will not allow schools to be in session full time.
We have 5 children and both work full-time jobs. How do they expect us to do Plan B? We understand the inconvenience this plan will cause all of our families. We are preparing for Plan B, but hope the Governor will allow our schools to be face to face 5 days a week.
How will they decide on which days your child will go? The decision will be made based on bus routes, siblings, and school schedules.
Can we make a request for which two days we want our children to go? We will make all efforts to accommodate our families.
Will there be before and after school daycare? Yes, there will be before and after school daycare at sites where daycare has already been in place. However, students will only be able to attend daycare on the two days in which they receive face-to-face instruction.
Will there be childcare services offered on remote days? Many families have two working parents or are single parent homes. Roxboro doesn't have track out camps to send kids to on all of their remote days. At this time, the school system does not have the capacity to offer daycare while complying with the 50% capacity guidelines.
If a student participates in after school sports, would they be eligible for Virtual Academy? Yes
How will sports and after school activities be handled? If only 1/2 of the students will be at school each day, then practices and activities would only be possible for students with a driver's license or for students with parents who don't work or work at home. Will students be discriminated against because they don't have transportation back to school for practices and/or games? We are waiting on guidance from the North Carolina High School Athletic Association and NC Department of Public Instruction. If we do have practices and games, coaches and administrators will discuss how to handle transportation hardships.
How would Virtual Academy work for students who do not have reliable Internet access? We were not able to complete many assignments in the spring unless we drove to the school parking lot to access the Wi-Fi. This is not always doable as one parent works in Durham and the other does not get home until after 6:00 pm. Reliable internet will be a component of Virtual Academy. However, students will be able to download materials from Google Classroom and have access to teachers via phone for questions and specific skill instruction.
What about classes like band? I don't see how learning band from home is going to work out so well for my sanity. Elective classes will continue under Plan B and also under Virtual Academy.
Will online assignments be distributed via flash drive and will students be able to turn them back in this same way? Yes, if needed.
Will there be better feedback for students than they received in the spring? We have taken feedback from the spring survey and are making changes to our remote learning, which includes, better feedback to our stakeholders.
Would Virtual Academy be administered by PCS teachers or would it be through NCVPS? I have reservations about signing up for an online curriculum that has not been tested or proven. My children didn't receive much quality instruction in the spring, they mostly just viewed PowerPoint presentations. PCS teachers will be the administrators of the online learning for the Virtual Academy.
Will students that are in Virtual Academy have the same courses and curriculum selection as they would in the hybrid model? Yes
Will students in Virtual Academy be eligible to participate in clubs, band, and sports? Yes
So wait grades K-5 will not have to wear mask on school campuses; only on the bus? Will temperatures be checked? Yes, there will be health checks for each person entering into the buildings. All persons riding the bus must complete an approved state attestation form to indicate they are well and exhibiting no signs of COVID-19.
So what happens if a child, or a family member, or a teacher gets exposed, or gets COVID and the student or teacher has to quarantine 14 days or longer? Will they automatically switch over to VIRTUAL without absence? Yes, we will offer accommodations as the needs arises.
What happens if a child comes to school and "fails" the temp check or health check questions for the morning and can't stay for the day will they switch over to virtual for the day without absence? The student will be quarantined in the school and a parent or guardian will be asked to come get their child. The student will be given assignments to complete from home. For this particular day, the student will not be counted absent.
What happens if COVID gets worse in the community and families begin to feel more and more uncomfortable with their child going to school will they switch over to virtual without absence or problem? Yes.
If a child wants to go back to school and needs it emotionally, but has a MEDICALLY diagnosed anxiety disorder and if things get really bad COVID in community or begins to feel very uncomfortable with the situation can we switch to the Virtual Academy? Yes.
How are students with IEPs going to be managed in class only two days or those that are VIRTUALLY? Students with Disabilities may require modifications to the general health guidelines in order to provide required services and maintain healthy practices. We are committed to working with students with disabilities and their families to address individual concerns and needs.
GRADES: Will the grades be kept and put into POWERSCHOOL on a regular basis in person and in Virtual Academy? I was not happy at all that grades were not posted and did know anything for 1 month 1/2. It is not fair to the student because they have no clue of how they are doing in the class they can't keep up and there is no motivation. Yes.
Will children who are being taught virtually be receiving that same assignments/instruction as those attending in person? Yes.
When children are quarantined due to exposure-will they then switch seamlessly to the virtual platform? Yes.
If a student comes to Person County Schools as a transfer student, they are automatically enrolled- How can it be stated that parents can not switch between platforms before the end of the semester? Could there be something like a 10 day window for change? Students who transfer will have the same options as students who are already enrolled.
Will students who are attending virtually have an open house (virtually) to meet their teachers? We will be working with the schools to have open house options for all of our students.
My son has a 504 with accommodations for getting copies of notes-how would 504/IEP modifications be met in the virtual platform? He also receives Occupational Therapy-therapists travel from school to school, working with many different students a week, could I determine that services be given virtually? Students with disabilities may require modifications to the general health guidelines in order to provide required services and maintain healthy practices. We are committed to working with students with disabilities and their families to address individual concerns and needs.
Will students be assigned electives or will the two days of instruction be focused on Core classes? Electives will be assigned to students.
How will students in the middle school that take 9th grade Math/English be served? The process will be the same as in years past.
Will there be a rotating schedule of student arrivals/departures for bus spacing? These plans will be dependent on the restrictions placed on the schools by the Governor.
Any word on fall sports, specifically for middle school? We are still waiting on guidance from the North Carolina High School Athletic Association and the NC Department of Public Instruction on what sports will look like.
Any word on driver's education? We are still waiting on guidance for Driver's Education and are exploring all of our options at this time.
Will students in Virtual Academy be eligible for driver's education? Yes.
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Last Modified on August 18, 2020