• Survival Guide

  • Respect:

    • Do not skip Orientation and other required meetings
    • Be respectful of your instructors, classmates, fellow students! Respect yourself, your school, and the campus!
    • Take time to get to know your fellow classmates.  We have a diverse population of students.  Do not limit yourself to one social group.
    • Don’t jump to conclusions, form your own opinion.  Be open to new ideas, new friends, new experiences.


    • Familiarize yourself with the layout of the campus and how long it takes to get to different places.
    • Learn and be mindful of school policies, rules, and expectations.  
      • Read your student handbook, the district gazette, and the PCC student handbook.  Remember, you are part of two school units (PCS and PCC).
      • Respect and follow each instructor’s course policies.
    • Check your email for both PCS and PCC frequently! At least once a day!
    • Be prepared!  Get and have everything you need for your coursework!
    • Seek help when you need it.
      • The school counselor is a great place to start!
      • The college liaison is your resource for the successful completion of college coursework and achieving your goals.
      • Communicate! Communicate! Communicate!  Communicate with your parents, teachers, administration!


    • Be involved with your school community!  Join some clubs, organizations, and volunteer opportunities.  
    • Attend and support school events.
    • Support your fellow students and their endeavors.


    • Stay after school, attend  Instructor Office Hours, or go to the Tutoring Center to get assistance for your courses.
    • Connect with at least two other people in each of your classes. It helps to have someone to contact in case you miss a class or are confused with an assignment.
    • Have a study plan. Need help developing one? See your school counselor or the PCC Transition Center.
      • Avoid cramming for tests. Develop good study habits
    • Find or create a study group of like-minded, academic, people who can motivate each other.
    • Take good notes! Review them daily. Need help developing note-taking skills? See your school counselor.
    • Do all your assignments to the best of your ability.  
      • Get help when needed.
      • Follow directions for the submission of the assignments.
      • Meet your deadlines, late or incomplete assignments will affect your grade.
    • Participate in class. You will do better when you are engaged in the class.
      • Ask questions and engage in discussions.


    • Do NOT back down from the challenge of the Early College!
    • Start thinking about college and/or your future career.
      • Explore CFNC and take the interest inventory.
    • Do the right thing!  Avoid people and situations that could affect your future goals.