New DES Rule regarding Notifying Employees of Unemployment

  • (1)    Unemployment insurance benefits are available to workers who are unemployed and who meet the State's eligibility requirements.

    (2)    Employees may file a claim in the first week that employment stops, or work hours are reduced.

    (3)    Employees may file claims online at or by telephone to (888) 737-0259.

    (4)    Employees must provide DES with the following information for DES to process the claim:

    1.       full legal name;
    2.       social security number; and
    3.       authorization to work (if the employee is not a U.S. citizen or resident).

    (5)    Employees may contact DES at (888) 737-0259 and select the appropriate menu option for assistance.


    Please note the following regarding unemployment claims:

    1. Employees are not eligible for unemployment benefits if they have been offered work either by reporting to work or teleworking 
    2. Employees are not eligible for unemployment benefits if they are receiving paid State of Emergency Leave 
    3. Employees that typically work over 40 hours a week because they are assigned two roles are not eligible for compensation past a 40 hour work week under unemployment benefits or paid State of Emergency Leave


    For any questions, please contact Lori Stacey,